4 Tips to Kick Those Allergies to the Curb!!!

I am sneezing and I just can not stop!

It is coming around; the fall allergies are creeping to most of our worlds. How do you cope? Did you know that one of out every six people have been officially diagnosed with allergies? WHOA! These people are walking around with itchy noses, scratchy eyes, sneezing, and some even have gotten to the levels of asthma.

What causes this? Why do we have this burden on our body? That is exactly what it is…. a burden! Our immune system is overloaded, over stimulated or weakened.

The body can be overloaded with toxins, chemicals, metals, etc. When the immune system is over-loaded it malfunctions and cannot clearly distinguish what is harmful and what is not. You all are reading this, asking, what do I do about it?  We need to take a look at the parts of the body that support us and keep us “clean”, the liver is our filter; it filters the toxins and helps them leave our body effectively through our bile. Our adrenals are there to support us when we are stressed, but when we are stressed all the time, these little glands get “cashed” shall we say…and they are not able to support the immune system effectively.

We want to make sure our body is clean, and we are feeding it and supporting it properly. Here are some tricks to think about.

1.     Clean up the diet! Take a look at what your intake of sugars, alcohol, and inflammatory foods are in your diet, consider doing a 21 Day Sugar Detox, or a healthy Liver Detox

2.     Essential Fatty Acids! Introduce healthy EFAs into your diet. Through eating healthy fish like Lake Trout, Wild Caught Salmon, Sardines, etc. If fish is not for you, investing in a very nutrient dense supplement or Fermented Cod Liver Oil is a great way to support your EFA intake. EFAs are healthy fats; they will support the mucus production in the body, this one on the ways that we move these nasty histamines out of our bodies.

3.     HistoPlexAB! this is an herbal supplement that can support the mucus wall in the air passages for sinus cavities and bronchial membranes. Check in with me on how you can order or purchase this supplement!

4.     Schedule a Nutritional Consult! This is the best way to really work with the bio-individuality of your system. We are all different, and it is important to recognize that. Meeting and getting a full Functional Evaluation will help pin point what dysfunctions could be occurring for you that will be the root cause of your allergies. How great is that! You can actually celebrate your fall season with out itchy eyes, sneezes and head aches!

If you are interested in learning more, check out Enso, and schedule a FREE 30 min phone consult. Call 715-209-5553 to make your appointment!