INFANT AND CHILD CRANIOSACRAL: Creating space for a healthy happier baby

What is Cranio Sacral?

This safe, gentle, effective technique uses specific and skilled light pressure in areas to assist the body’s natural ability to release restrictions, stress, and tension. This improves structural balance and the function of our body’s systems.

What is the Craniosacral System?
The Craniosacral System is the membrane and fluid that surrounds and nourishes the brain and spinal cord (Central Nervous System), the fluid is continually replenishing. The filling and emptying of the fluid is what causes the rhythm the therapist uses to detect restrictions.

Why Cranio sacral for infants and children?
Prolong pressures and positions in the womb in the last several months can lead to structural and muscular imbalances that are important to release. Enormous forces are placed on the baby’s cranium and spine as they lead the body through the resistance of the birth canal. The compressions that remain can disrupt the body’s development and function. C-sections can be necessary but can be misunderstood by the baby’s body. Cranio will help the natural ignition of the body and bring grounding needed for life. When imbalances are not resolved as a baby they can evolve throughout childhood and adulthood.

When should they do Cranio sacral?
As soon as possible, the older we get the more fixed are body will get in their patterns. From the time the child begins to move around until they are willing to lie down with a parent

What does Cranio sacral work with? (Not limited to these)
All babies and children will benefit from releasing residual birth compressions to the cranium, vertebra, and other parts of the body so bones, nerves, blood vessels, and organs are given space to fully develop and function naturally.

Cranio Sacral can also help with the following:

Colic Digestive difficulties
Feeding difficulties Sleep difficulties
Excessive crying Irritability
Restlessness Respiratory difficulties
Skin ailments C-section
Ear infections Sinus, Dental / teething,
Behavior problems Learning difficulties
Headaches Brain & Body Development, Growth pains


At Enso helping children has become as much a passion and skill as helping adults. Comfort and trust are the most important part of the therapy. We are always going to take the time a talk through the therapy with the parents and child before and after the session. Parents are asked to be part of the sessions in almost all cases unless the child and parent have worked this through in