PREMIUM MASSAGE (medicinal oil w/ your session + thorough assessment + extra focus)  - Our highly trained therapist offers a therapeutic touch of light to deep pressure. They use advanced techniques to optimize the therapeutic release of your restrictions. This specific body work gets to those trouble spots by working with multiple techniques to effect positive change in your body.

30 min     $ 55

45 min     $ 65

60 min     $ 75

75 min     $ 90

90 min     $ 105


SIGNATURE MASSAGE (medicinal oil w/ your session + extra focus + Arnica & heat therapy) - This is best massage offered in the area hands down! Our therapists incorporate light to deep pressure on your trouble spots creating therapeutic results. Included in this service we provide extra focus on your focus spots, arnica oil for pain relief, and heat therapy to soften tissue and flush out toxins.
30 min     $ 70

45 min     $ 80

60 min     $ 90

75 min     $ 105

90 min     $ 120

MODALITIES: All styles available **(excluding Craniosacral, Visceral Manipulation, and Reiki)**


NIRVANA MASSAGE PACKAGE (massage + craniosacral + Add-ons)

60–minute massage, 30–minute Craniosacral, Arnica Therapy, Hydrotherapy and peppermint foot rub. You will customize how you want the therapeutic and relaxation massage to be blended for the first 60 minutes. Through out your massage session you will receive the benefits of Naturopathica Arnica oils to soothe your sore muscles blended with warm moist hydrotherapy. Wind down to the sedating and healing qualities of Craniosacral. With this combination of therapy you will leave the room feeling like you just finished the most relaxing vacation of your life. $135 — approx. 1.5 hours


Enso incorporates medicinal massage oils containing plant extracts that possess high levels of anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and sedative constituents to balance and heal the body. Check in with Enso to learn more about our Massage Add-Ons.


ARNICA ANALGESIC: A blend of arnica, menthol, and magnesium to help reduce muscle and joint pain. Increases circulation to soften tension in tissues with anti inflammatory qualities. $12-

HYDRATING LUMINARIA OIL: Your dull dry skin will be restored with this luminaria seaweed based oil is massaged into the body.  $12-

AROMATHERAPY: Enhance your massage experience with relaxing and rejuvenating aromas perfectly blended to create the most of your massage experience. $12-


THERAPEUTIC HYDROTHERAPY: The clay heat packs soften and relieve more layers of tight tissue within a session. By increasing circulation to key areas, tissues can heal and return back their natural state. $15-



Therapeutic Massage is a general term we use to group these modalities. All of our massage and bodywork has therapeutic value. These therapies work to restore the bodies’ natural balance, while reducing pain and dysfunction. These techniques are great for chronic pain, over-use injuries, atrophied areas from disuse, speeds the healing process, assists with stronger healing, and improves over all heath.

DEEP TISSUE: Our therapist works with you to create the optimum balance of pressure and comfort throughout the session. They will use a variety of muscle release techniques to create the most therapeutic results. By increasing circulation and softening tissue we restore the natural environment to the body.

MYOFACIAL RELEASE: Uses figures, hands, and forearms to provide sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. This technique uses light or deep pressure depending on your comfort and how the body is responding.

NEUROMUSCULAR THERAPY (NMT): Utilizes a semi static pressure and trigger points to alleviate acute and chronic pain syndromes. Applying specific massage techniques and stretching helps to optimize benefits. This specific approach brings about balance between the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. This therapy enhances the function of joints, and muscles for pain free movement.

SPORTS MASSAGE: Is designed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after a big event, or function well during training. Using techniques for pre and post event, maintenance, and rehabilitation you can stay healthy and reduce injury potential to enjoy activities whether its for competition or recreation.

REFLEXOLOGY: The therapy of applying pressure to zones on your hands and feet that are reflected from entire body. The therapist will use light to deep pressure in very specific locations of these zones. You will receive the benefits in joints, muscles, organs, as well as a full body release. Our hands and feet act as conduits for much of what’s going in and out of our body. They need the self-care as much as any other part of the body.

LYMPHATIC MASSAGE: Using soft joint mobilization, compressions, and a very light feathery touch the therapist moves the lymph that resides just under the skin toward the lymph ducts. By increasing the flow of lymph you improve the immune system, metabolism, and assists in removal of toxins. A great treatment for post injury or surgery, sluggish immune systems, seasonal cleansing, low energy, or in combination with another treatment.


Relaxation Massage: Relaxation and rejuvenation is foremost in our minds with this type of work. You will experience increased circulation, softer muscles and reduced stress. Every person’s idea of this is different so we will work with you to create the perfect session. Generally this work uses slow long flowing strokes to bring the body back into its natural rhythm and state of relaxation.

SWEDISH MASSAGE: Uses a variety of five different strokes ranging from light to medium pressure. This technique improves circulations, flexibility, detoxifies and reduces pain while creating relaxation.


This therapy will use a soft touch that could range from the weight of a nickel to the weight of a hand. There is a wonderful blend of deep relaxation and therapeutic value in these styles. These modalities focus on using the body’s natural rhythm and healing abilities to optimize the therapeutic benefits.

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY: Born from Cranial Osteopathy this approach uses a combination of energy holds & soft myofascial release to free restrictions in the craniosacral system and nerve passages. This improves the functioning of the central nervous system and musculoskeletal system. Increasingly used as a preventive health measure. This therapy has the ability to address issues of disease, pain and dysfunction, while complementing the body’s natural healing processes. Can be used for all ages, newborns all the way to hospice care. More…

VISCERAL MANIPULATION: An Osteopathic approach using gentle releases within (but not limited to) the visceral system. Your comfort is foremost in the practitioners mind as they work. The practitioner focuses on creating normal mobility, tone, and motility to improve organ and structural integrity throughout the body. Visceral work blends wonderfully with Craniosacral session as well.

REIKI: A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that treats the whole person. The “laying of hands” is applied to create space in the areas of congestion and restrictions. Optimal health is possible when our bodies energy flows freely.

LYMPHATIC MASSAGE: Using soft joint mobilization, compressions, and a feathery touch the therapist moves the lymph that resides just under the skin toward the lymph ducts. By increasing the flow of lymph you improve the immune system, metabolism, and assists in removal of toxins. A great treatment for post injury or surgery, sluggish immune systems, seasonal cleansing, low energy, or in combination with another treatment.

CRANIOSACRAL FOR INFANTS & CHILDREN: Therapists are trained specifically to work with infants and children. These types of work improve many different aspects of a developing child’s life.  The gentle work from the therapist helps to release everything from birth restrictions to developmental issues. More...


PRENATAL MASSAGE: Prenatal Massage sessions focus on the special needs of the mother as her body is moving through the changes leading up to the delivery. Addressing relief in the muscles and joints, improving circulation and lymph, hormone balancing, and increasing mental and physical energy. You may lie on your side, back, or any position that aids in your comfort. This has both a therapeutic value and the needed pampering during this time! This has enormous preparatory value for the delivery process. Restricted areas are freed so they are not holding back the bodies natural process of delivery.

POSTNATAL MASSAGE: Focus on helping you move through this amazing and challenging transition. Using a variety of modalities we will improve circulation, reduce edema, increase muscle tone, enhance metabolism, balance hormones, reduce stress, improve relaxation, and much more. This has both a therapeutic value and the needed pampering during this time! There is a lot of healing taking place after delivery and this gives your body the natural support it needs.