LOCAL LOVE! Enso believes strongly in community, and creating a avenue for our locals to receive our health and wellness services at an affordable price point. Locals living in the Chequamegon Bay Area always receive 15-20% off services YEAR ROUND!

Enso has designed a Tier of pricing, this is designed to fit a variety of needs both physically and even monetarily. Please click here, to download our local service menu

You ask...Who is a local? Well, if you live in the Chequamegon Bay Area; Bayfield, Washburn, Ashland, Herbster, Cornucopia, Iron River....if you are not sure...just ask!

LOCALS INITIATIVE: Local residents receive a year-round 15% off on any service.

RE-BOOKING INITIATIVE: We value continued self-improvement, so we offer an incentive to keep working on yourself. Receive 20% off your next session when you rebook at the end of your appointment.


Cancellation and Locals Initiative Policy at Enso:

All Clients: You may reschedule or cancel you session up to 24 hours prior to session with no charge. Less than 24 hours there will be a full charge of service. Locals Initiative: Locals may book year round at the 15% locals discount and the above cancellation policy applies. Locals with a 20% rebooking discount: Rescheduling or canceling a session with rebooking discount at any time will void the 20% rebooking discount and your next session will return to the year round locals discount at 15% off. Locals with reoccurring sessions: Rescheduling or canceling your next reoccurring session at any time after you current appointment date will void the 20% rebooking discount for ONLY the following session and will return to the year round locals discount at 15% off. After that session you will return to the 20% rebooking discount. At Enso we are trying to provide the best price possible with our Local Initiative.  The 20% off rebooking discount is to encourage people to have consistent self-care in their busy schedule.