ALL LEVELS YOGA: The Pavilion, Bayfield

The class is suitable for all levels, and is modified based on those in attendance.Class includes: A chance to center and focus on ones breath, sun salutation-based warm-up, standing poses, seated poses and a relaxing savasana.  Feel calm and centered and ready to start your day!


$10 walk in rate, passes are available through the Bayfield Rec Center, please call 715-209-5408

The Pavilion, 2 East Front Street

For questions or more details on the classes, contact Darcy at 715-209-5553


I’ve taken a handful of different yoga classes over the years and Darcy’s class is like no other. Here’s what sets it apart for me. First, Darcy’s energy. It’s contagious. Darcy moves around the room, reminding us of things to work on, encouraging us, adjusting us, and infusing us with her energy as she goes. It’s invigorating. I’ve never taken a series of yoga classes where I have felt myself improve so much, so quickly. I attribute this to the way Darcy heats us up each class. My warmed up muscles seem to get to a point where more is possible with almost every class. After four months of classes, my improved core strength and balance is something that I notice daily. -
— Jill O'Neill, Bayfield, WI